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Getting A Divorce In Cary, NC
When proceeding through the divorce process, there are a few steps you should take to help you find the best settlement that fits both you and your spouses needs. There may be arguments about needing to hire more than one lawyer, signing separation agreements and if it is ok to start dating again. The first step in proceeding with a divorce settlement is education, we want to help you from feeling overwhelmed and develop a plan that will address your specific needs and concerns. Our goal is to help you avoid common pitfalls and make informed decisions. This guide will help reduce the stress, heartache, time and money when working through your divorce. White Oak Legal is your connection to finding the divorce lawyer that you need through this tedious process.
Hire Your Own Cary Divorce Lawyer
There have been many cases that we have handled where the spouse has convinced the other spouse not to hire another lawyer. Some common excuses include how it will save time, money and how you should trust the spouse. There are countless examples but a lawyer hired by your spouse won’t represent you and will not have your interests in mind. The resolution to these situations leads to one-sided agreements that won’t serve you.

It is important not to be passive through the divorce process, hire a divorce lawyer in Cary, NC that will help you create a separation agreement that meets your needs. A bad separation agreement will have lasting effects for your children and financial future. Hire a lawyer that you feel comfortable with and know that they will keep your interests in mind. Remember that with the decision to spend time and money, there should be an identifiable goal in mind. Your lawyer should make calculated decisions to provide value, if there is a decision you don’t understand then it is important to ask.

Should I Sign A Separation Agreement?
Before you sign any documents, you should understand what you are signing. Many divorce cases use a separation agreement or divorce settlement to help resolve cases. These documents help resolve issues like alimony, child custody and support, as well as property division.

These documents are generally ‘complete settlements’ or ‘total settlements’. This means that when the agreement is signed, there is no revisiting the provisions unless you and your spouse consent. Before you sign any agreement given to you, consult a lawyer that you trust. Trying to fix a bad settlement agreement is a very difficult and expensive process. Talking to a divorce lawyer and receiving expert guidance will save you a lot of money, heartache, and time.

When Can I Date Again?

When dealing with the complicated issues of the heart, it is wise to hold off until the complete settlement has been reached and signed. Most of the time, another person is no the reason for a separation, but a new partner may be a chief motivator. Another partner will make your case much more difficult to resolve, especially if children are involved. There will always be time after your divorce is settled for romance. The focus of your divorce case should be a quick and advantageous resolution and a time for self reflection. Don’t burden your new relationships with the burden and stress of the divorce process.

Hiring White Oak Legal As Your Cary Divorce Lawyer

Education is important when it is comes to a divorce. Hire a lawyer that you feel comfortable with and will have your best interests in mind. Don’t let your spouse convince you to not hire a divorce lawyer in Cary, a divorce is not a process that involves passive actions. When presented a separation agreement, it is unwise to sign unless you have consulted a lawyer about the details. It costs a lot of money and is very difficult to try and fix a signed separation agreement. Following this guide will help you save time, money and heartache. White Oak Legal has the knowledge and experience you need to be the comfortable divorce lawyer by your side, every step of the way. Contact White Oak Legal today for a free consultation.
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