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Need to talk to someone, but don’t know where to start? At White Oak Legal we understand. Divorce is the most stressful process most people will go through. We make it our goal to lower your stress level, and simplify the divorce process. Continue to read below, and we’ll explain what happens next.
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What do I bring?
Bring any court documents you’ve received, or anything else you’d like us to see.
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Should I tell my spouse?
Absolutely not! Do not tell your spouse anything until we have a chance to meet.
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Do we have to go to Court?
Absolutely not! In fact, most cases settle outside Court.

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What will happen?
We will discuss the particulars of your specific situation, your options, and develop a solid plan.
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What happens after the meeting?
Together we will execute the plan developed during the meeting.
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What should I do now?
Select the day and time that best fit your schedule to setup a consultation. Together we’ll get through this.
Our Divorce lawyers know the process is difficult, but at White Oak Legal we work to take the stress off of you, and simplify your life. Together we’ll get you through.


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