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Life After Divorce: It Gets Better


When you first face the prospect of going through a divorce, you might feel like your life is in flames. Everything you know is about to change. At the end of the process, you won’t have the same family unit. You may also have to move, find a new job, and more.

It can seem overwhelming. You might think there’s no way that things will recover, especially if you weren’t the one who initiated the split.

However, there’s good news. Life does get better. Here are things to keep in mind.

You’ll Have More Peace

Whether the divorce was your idea or not, being in a difficult relationship is a lot of drama. There is anger, betrayal, fights, and simply the knowledge that you are not on the same page as your spouse.

Once you go your separate ways, you have a chance to get your peace back. There may be some hurt to work through, but you won’t have daily conflict in your life once the split is finalized. You’ll be able to choose the environment of your home, you’ll create new routines, and you’ll be able to have a level of peace you may not have experienced for years.

You’ll Be Able to Set Your Own Priorities

Many people in an unhealthy marriage spend most of their energy focused on the other person. Maybe you were trying to help, fix, or rescue the other person. Or, maybe you were trying to avoid abuse, ignore problems, or argue and prove yourself right.

Regardless of what your marriage was like, once a divorce is finalized, you get to set your own priorities again. You won’t have to spend all of your time and energy managing an unhealthy partner or marriage. Instead, you can set up your own work, schedule, and hobbies. 

In fact, one of the benefits a newly-single spouse discovers – unexpectedly – is how much fun it is to get food at the grocery store based only on what you like, without having to factor in your spouse’s preferences. 

You Can Set Your Own Budget

Even the best marriages can have disagreements about money. Maybe your spouse likes to gamble and you hated it. Maybe there were a lot of fees associated with days of golf, fishing, or other expensive hobbies. Perhaps your spouse spent money on clothes or crafts.

Regardless, while you may have less money once you divorce, you have the advantage of setting your own spending priorities. You might find it liberating to have your own money and only spend it on what matters to you!

You may also find that setting your own budget means that less money is more than enough for the life you want to live.

You May Have More Time

Terrified of being a single parent? If you were in an unhealthy relationship, you may find that your workload isn’t that different when your partner leaves. In fact, because you aren’t managing and care-taking for them, you might find that you have less stress and more time to focus on what matters – your kids.

Also, if you work out a strong custody agreement, you’ll find that you may have weekends or even weeks where the kids are not your responsibility. While you’ll of course care what they are doing, you’ll actually have time to yourself. This can be a huge benefit!

Get Help Going Through Your Divorce

Facing a divorce is hard. There’s no way to sugar-coat that. But life does get better, and if you have the right advocate on your side you can move through a split more easily than you imagined.

Let White Oak Legal help you as you go through the separation process. We’re here to help protect your rights and ensure that everything is fair according to the law. Contact us for a consultation today. Or call us (919)-680-1310

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