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How Social Media Can Impact Your Divorce


 If there’s one thing we all rely on social media for, it’s venting our frustrations. Whether it’s a politician we don’t like, a seat belt ticket we don’t think we deserve, or relationship problems, sometimes we just want to click “share.”

However, if you’re going through a divorce, take a bit of advice from your family law attorney: stay off social media. It can have a huge negative impact on the outcome of your case, and sometimes in ways you never expect.


Friends-Only Doesn’t Mean Friends-Only

You might think you’re safe from prying eyes because you only shared your frustrations with “friends” on Facebook. You might expect that the group would never say anything or feed information to your ex or their lawyer.

Unfortunately, you are wrong.

A lot of partners in the midst of a divorce discover – too late – that their ex, ex’s family law attorney, and other parties have access to even the most hate-fueled rants they’ve posted online. A single person who thinks your ex (or a friend who knows your ex) “might be interested” in what you said is all it takes.


Social Media is Proof in “He Said, She Said”

A lot of the issues that a court deals with during a divorce are simply a matter of hearsay. Your family law attorney says one thing, their lawyer says another. How can you prove anything?

Social media – a printed account of what was said, threatened, or accused – can be that proof. Even if “everyone should know” that you were joking, didn’t mean it, or weren’t serious, the printed words speak louder than what you later testify was your intention.

Unfortunately, what is said on social media can and will be used against you in Court.


What Your Friends Say Hurts You Too

Friends come to our aid and sometimes say outlandish things in an attempt to lighten the mood. Unfortunately, those outlandish comments can come back to bite you if your ex decides to take it seriously.

Yes, perhaps everyone knew that your bestie was joking when they offered to hire a hitman for your ex, or that the hug with your former flame at the reunion was just friendly. But if your ex’s family law attorney decides to submit it in court as meaning something else, your case could suffer.

Something as harmless as wine or beer with friends can be taken to “prove” that you’re an alcoholic who shouldn’t have full custody. Things get taken out of context all the time, and you’re only making things harder than they needed if you post online.


Work With Your Family Law Attorney, Not Social Media

Yes, it’s very tempting to vent online when you’re upset about what’s going on. However, it’s vital to avoid the temptation. Even a group chat with besties can be used against you. All it takes is one bestie to screenshot it, and send it to your ex. It’s best to keep your temper under control, and keep everything in personal conversation (which can be used against you too, but that’s another topic for another time).

The ally you need is a family law attorney. At White Oak Legal, we can help walk you through the divorce process and help ensure your rights are protected. We understand your frustrations, but the satisfaction of hitting “post” isn’t worth the headaches it may cause!

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