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5 Factors to Consider When Searching for a Child Custody Lawyer


Parents who are facing divorce are generally advised to enlist the help of an attorney. The question is, how do they find the child custody lawyer best for them? “Best” is a relative term and should really be qualified as “the best fit” for each individual case. An ideal match for one person’s personality and circumstances may not suit another’s. While there’s no universal formula used to identify and retain the best child custody lawyer, consider the following 5 key factors:


In a parent’s search to find the best child custody lawyer for them, one factor to consider is experience in similar cases. Parents should look for an attorney with skills related to their unique circumstances. Is the case going to be complex and high conflict? Does the child have special needs? Is there an interstate element to take into account? Whatever the particulars, the chosen child custody lawyer must be prepared to handle them.


Custody attorneys all practice family law, however, not all family law practitioners take custody cases. While they may be well-versed in multiple areas, their niche skill sets are what often matters most. Parents should take time to do their research and secure representation that best aligns with their specific needs.  


Laws and regulations vary significantly, from state to state. But, the rules and procedures vary in North Carolina from county to county. Parents should keep in mind that the best child custody lawyer is going to be one with an in-depth knowledge of the rules where they live (or at least where the case will be handled). In North Carolina, it makes sense to hire an attorney who knows the ins and outs of North Carolina law, and local customs in their county, and how to strategize accordingly.


There’s no way around it—accessibility matters. From being able to answer questions to simple logistics, it’s much easier for parents to meet without having to take a whole day off work or travel a great distance. Furthermore, attorneys operating in a specific geographical area may have established relationships with judges and courthouse staff that can prove beneficial as proceedings unfold.


Never underestimate the value of good communication skills. Parents should keep in mind that they are going to be communicating and spending a lot of time with their child custody lawyer. They need to hire someone who is not only skilled but also an effective, empathetic communicator. This combination ensures the best possible working relationship during what can be an exceptionally stressful time.

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