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We want you to make it through the Holidays with a sound mind and body. Read our 5 Holiday Divorce Tips, follow their advice, and they will help keep you on track through this stressful time. These tips will help you avoid common mistakes, and avoid pitfalls. If you keep these Divorce Tips in mind you will save time, heartache, and money.

Here are our 5 Holiday Divorce Tips

1. Make new traditions.
You have to face it. Things are different now. Don’t want, or expect, them to be the same. Now is the time to try new things. We all enjoy life when it is new and exciting, right? Now’s your chance to keep the traditions you liked, get rid of those you hated, and create new ones to continue in this new phase of life. Also, now may be a time to reach out to family and old friends, especially if your spouse drove a wedge between you and your family or friends. Times like these are why we have family and friends.
2. Establish concrete plans.
Don’t let your schedule for the Holidays be uncertain. You need concrete plans for what you plan to do with family, friends, and your children. This will give you certainty, something to look forward to, and keep your mind from wandering. If you have something to look forward to it will keep you from making a common Holiday mistake outlined below in Tip 3. Do not misinterpret this to mean you should make plans to see your Ex. It’s probably too soon. Keep yourself busy, don’t spend the Holidays alone, and keep your eyes focused on the prize.
3. What should you do about your Ex?
This may sound obvious, but don’t get drunk and call or text your Ex. No matter how you feel in the moment nothing good will come from it. Regardless of how the contact turns out you’ll either be more hurt, or give them something to use against you in Court. Block your Ex. Obviously, if you two have children you can’t block your Ex, and this advice will require a bit of a tweak, but the alcohol + Ex advice never changes. Trust me, and don’t do it. I promise you’ll thank me later.
4. Make changes.
Start with a healthy diet, and exercise. This sounds cliché, but I can tell when my diet is on the rocks, and I don’t adhere to my exercise regimen. Programs like MyFitnessPal will help you track your food, exercise, and keep you accountable. Also, try new experiences. Skydiving, rock climbing, yoga, martial arts, etc. The best investment you can make is one in your personal well being, and great health is a fundamental component. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.
5. The New Year.
Think about the New Year as your new beginning. Do something new this New Year’s. Take a trip this to a place you always wanted to see and experience New Year’s there, or do something new at home with family and friends. After New Year’s reflect on the new traditions you made, and your the personal changes and growth since separation. Keep the changes and traditions you enjoy, ditch the ones you don’t, and brainstorm what the others you will make to start the New Year off right. Make a list. It will keep you accountable.
What do I do now?
This is just the beginning, but you’ve taken the first step: Education. We know you may be overwhelmed, but together we will develop a plan that fits your situation, and addresses your specific concerns.

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